50 Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas on Dark Hair

Get ready to see the latest Blonde Balayage trends. This year balayage trends are very common among hairstyles. I have found more than 50 Blonde Balayage ideas for Dark Hair for you. You can scroll down the page to see these balayage ideas.

What is The Balayage Hairstyle?

When the scanning highlights are added, they are put on in such a way as to make them look as though they were native to the hair color. It’s a method that blends the highlights smoothly into your hair and is ideal if you’re trying to spice up your color without visible, over-dramatic lines in your hair.

Frosty Blonde Balayage Hair Highlights

Blonde balayage can be so versatile that you can add a wide variety of different hues to your hair, and your hair will look very vibrant and natural. Contrasting with darker shades, this style has a beautiful texture. This style has much lighter shades of blonde that provide a more wintery look.

Caramel-to-Blonde Balayage Hairstyles

When you have longer hair, a balayage style hair highlights can color it even more beautifully. Especially with coloring in this style, the color transitions in between are so much to make each shade really shine.

Balayage Hair from Black to Light Blonde

Blonde hairstyles ranging from dark original hair colors to light shades of yellow look great and the color transitions are perfect.

Gorgeous Blend of Dark Hair Color and Blonde Hair Color

Although dark and blond hair colors are different from each other, they are very compatible with each other and the hairstyles in which the two are used together generally look very impressive.

Blend Straight Hair Style Ideas

If you have straight hair, the 12 balayage hairstyles below will help you a lot. It will look great on long hair.

Blonde Balayage Hairstyles Dominated by Dark Color

They are suitable models for those who do not want to change their dark hair color drastically. Sparse blonde hair color is applied.


Close to Gray and White Balayage Hair

Blonde balayage hairstyles suitable for those who love tones close to gray and white.

Different looking balayage hair trends.