30 Featured Highlight Dark Brown Hair Ideas in 2021

Dark brown highlight hairstyles are very trendy in 2020. Recently, I found 30+ highlight dark brown hair models that were shared among friends and received the most likes and added to my post.

These shades of Highlight Dark Brown hairstyles were popular last year and were highly appreciated. I really like these shades and I think you will like them too. I hope these sparkly hairstyles give you ideas.

It seems that in 2021, sparkling shades of brown hair will be in fashion as they were in last year. In my previous post, I wrote my favorite 30+ medium length hairstyles for fall.
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I did extensive research on Instagram and Pinterest to find my favorite dark brown highlights hair. If you want to reach the original source of the images I use, see the description section of the images.

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Dark Brown Hair Ideas with Highlights

These 5 dark brown hair designs look pretty cool. These images belong to a hairdresser’s instagram page. You can reach the hairdresser at instagram.com/highlightsnhair


This hair idea with dark brunette hair has a standout look. It’s an eye-catching hair idea that is perfect for brunettes looking for rich shades in their hair.


Natural Dark Brown Hair

This natural dark brown hair with highlights hair color and cut that looks natural and will have a natural fade out as well.


These subtle shades really warm up the whole look. It’s a great color.


This dark brunette hair with emphasis on balayage, perfectly polished waves, balayage perfection.


It can be a beautiful change to your look with just a few dark brown balayage pieces. These layers provide a face-framing and brightening effect without having to cut your hair for traditional layers.

These blonde highlights look great with her curls and have a shiny texture.

Another example of how great soft highlights look on a brunette. If you are a brunette, I highly recommend applying soft highlights to your hair.

A gorgeous dimensional hair can be achieved with the perfect combination of dark brown hair and warm highlights in light tones. This light balayage really elevates the dark chocolate base and gives it depth.

The front of her hair is highlighted, which is more than enough as she has long locks. It really brightens up the whole style.

The highlights are not far from their natural color. A small color change was made to give the hair shine.

This hair highlight is among my favorite shades, it really offers the perfect look.

via @cierra.fremont

This brunette woman has a different look by using gray highlights.

The upper part has dark hair color, so it’s unusual for this hair idea to go so light with highlights, but clearly it was a bold choice. It works but if you want a dramatic look, platinum blonde gives a stark contrast.

It’s a lovely brunette-platinum shade.

via @sunkissed.salon

Platinum shades applied to brunette hair look really pretty.

via @che.r.mariano

This hair idea is really my favorite shade idea. It is inevitable that a person who has achieved a tremendous hue and passes by will turn and look at this hair idea again.

Dark Brown Honey Blonde Highlights

Add some flair to your brunette hair with these honey highlights that give amazing contrast and brightness to your dark hair.

A perfect example of wavy highlight hair idea.

Another example of how well bronde hair color looks in combination with a dark brown color.

If you are the type who doesn’t like to devote too much time to your hair, this effortless style plus shoulder length cut is perfect for you. These golden highlights on dark brown hair easily add dimension and texture to the hair without the need for too much work.

Wanting to keep a subtle look she added just a small amount of blonde highlights.

If you want a subtle change then this is for you. Not too highlight hair idea.

This straight hair idea has extraordinary colors and is really well-groomed.


It’s a good hair idea to look style.

These blonde highlights really brighten up her entire look.

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You see the before and after of this hair idea, the curls are really important in this hair idea.

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