20 Most Popular Pixie Cuts for All Hair Type in 2022

For women with short hair, pixie cuts are a very good and hit hairstyle. Pixie cut is an assertive hairstyle and you can make a difference with small touches, if you wish, you can get a very different and shining look by dyeing your hair in pixie cut. Whatever your skin color is, this hairstyle can look great on you, just choose your hair color right. One of the reasons the pixie cut is still popular in 2021 is to prevent the hair from wearing out.
If you do your hair care correctly in pixie cut, you will prevent your hair from being worn out and you will get a healthy look. You can make the right choice among hundreds and thousands of hairstyles in this haircut, but don’t forget to choose your pixie hairstyle according to your face shape while making your decision.

Your face shape is very important when determining your hairstyle because your face may look too long, short or out of proportion with a wrong haircut.
If you are not sure about the appearance of your face shape, you can choose the most similar face shape from the image below and create your hair design according to the correct face shape. In general, pixie haircuts can suit all face shapes, but do not forget to consult your hairdresser.

Pixie Cut Hair Designs by Face Shapes

Credit / Pinterest

The oval face shape, which is the face shape of the society, is accepted as the most ideal face shape in the society, you can choose the hairstyle that shows your face shape closest to the oval appearance when determining your hairstyle. Pixie Cut is generally a suitable haircut for this.

While researching pixie hairstyles yesterday, I came across a great blog post, you can find 60 pixie ideas in the link I posted here.