20+ Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas in 2021

Today I saw beautiful kitchen decorating ideas for those living in the Farmhouse and decided to share these modern kitchen decoration ideas with you. These modern kitchen ideas look very stylish and fascinating.

Sometimes I can’t stop looking at these decoration ideas even though I don’t need them at all, I hope I’m not alone 🙂

In my previous post, I shared kitchen backsplash tile decoration ideas. If you want to browse the kitchen backsplash ideas, you can click here.

Light colors are generally preferred in farmhouse kitchens. I like farmhouses that still manage to stay modern in 2021.
The interior is as important as the exterior of a modern farmhouse.

The kitchen is an essential part of a modern farmhouse, with gray tones in the new year kitchen cabinets seem to be a favorite.
If you want to renew your farmhouse kitchen, it will be important to review these kitchen decoration ideas.

While I was researching farmhouse decoration ideas, I did research on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and tried to find the best ones.

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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

This farmhouse kitchen decor idea is lovely. White kitchen cabinets and wooden hoods fit together very well. It is a good idea to combine white colors and wood colors in the kitchen because they really go well together. I hope you didn’t miss the Christmas decorations 🙂

Via Pinterest

A kitchen dominated by white and wood colors. I said that the colors of white and wood look good! You can see this in this kitchen island. Kitchen islands are very useful if you have a large kitchen. Before moving on to the other image, I must say that I like these types of refrigerators in farmhouses.

If you have a kitchen with wooden ceilings and wood parquet like the kitchen of this farmhouse, you can use a white kitchen like in the picture. Since the ceiling and parquet colors are dark, using light colors in kitchen cabinets makes your kitchen look more beautiful.

Dark wood color farmhouse kitchen cabinets and kitchen backsplash tiles have harmonized incredibly. I also liked the colors of backplash tiles.

This farmhouse kitchen has a very simple look. Metal shelf legs are used on the kitchen shelves. The light blue color kitchen door looks very nice.

I am sure you will like these farmhouse kitchen cabinets too. This is the most different and stylish kitchen cabinet I have seen recently. In this kitchen, white backsplash tiles that look plain are used.

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Black cabinet handles are used on the white kitchen cabinets and the sticker on the refrigerator looks very cute. But I didn’t like the cobblestones.

Dark gray kitchen cabinet, light wood countertops and white walls. The harmony of these colors is perfect!

This farmhouse kitchen is not much different from the one above but as beautiful as the one above.


I mentioned that light blue colors are in fashion for kitchen cabinets this year. Light wood color is used on the kitchen shelves. If you want to buy kitchen shelves, you can click the link I added below the image. I should also mention that I do not earn commissions for sales.

Via Pinterest

If I were to close my eyes and dream of a farmhouse kitchen, this could be my dream kitchen.

You have a small kitchen you might like this kitchen decor idea.

If you have a windows in the kitchen, you might like this kitchen.

You can also check out the farmhouse kitchen photo gallery below.